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The cattery's name "Shimaya" was registered in October 2005. The catteryТs purpose is an improvement of the orientalsТ type and popularization of the breed within the cats fanciers (and still ‛non fanciers‛) by shows and in the mass media as well, including Internet. We especially like orientals of large size and slender body, with good head sculpture, extremal big ears and beautiful look expression.

As a rule, love and keenness on the breed comes with the first cat. The same happened to us. The ebony oriental girl - Bagheera (SunflowerТs Bagheera) appeared at our home. This gorgeous ‛black panther‛ with the glossy hair and very long tail became not only ‛house decoration‛ but also completely conquered our hearts. Her bright personality became apparent in everything about her: from the showy appearance, intellectually mature to the unordinary for cats ‛like dog‛ sociability. All of these together made our communication very interesting and made us keep in mind one simple thing: oriental cat Ц is not just beautiful cat, but beautiful cat with its own opinion! ItТs very difficult to express, how much gracefulness in her movements, and what an esthetical pleasure we have, watching for this ‛mini panther‛!!!

On the 14th, October, 2005 our beauty became a Queen for the first time. Both of her wonderful kittens: Arman (ori n 24) and Arina (ori n) were born from the gorgeous oriental boy Ц Bogdan Porcelain Cat of Luana.

If youТre already happy owner of the one oriental cat, then, with the likelihood of 99, 9% orientals quantity will increase at you home. So, from the BagheeraТs litter Arman (Arman Bagheera Shimaya) stayed in our cattery. This boy has got a remarkable oriental exterior together with the meditative features also is a pattern of ‛male charm‛ and complaisance.

In the summer of 2006 our long-awaited Donyasha (Donna Carro Siamor) arrived to us from the faraway Nahodka city. We infinitely grateful to Katerina Cherkashina, ‛Siamor‛ cattery, for such lavender pretty girl, clever cat and ‛sun rose‛ creature.

In February, 2007 we bring our new male - Ichechi from the well known cattery - Bua Luang, Riga, Latvia. This boy - is of the same blood lines as our Donna, and another part of his pedigree includes uniqe Swiss bloods. Besides rafined colour, he's got a very expressive head lines with the aristocratic face features and slender body as well. Many thanks to Irina and Leon Klevanyje for giving us an opportunity to watch such wonderful oriental at our home!

All our cats are unique in their own way. Every of them - outstanding personality, with it's own nature and habits as well. And thank to our cattery is a small one, we have got opportunity to pay anough attention to every our cat, not to deprive anybody of his due share. All our cats - are the members of our family and live with us. They participate in our everyday life, running arond the home and comunicate to each other.

Our catteryТs priorities are: health, good temperament and the excellent type. Our cats and kittens are raised exclusively in a loving home environment, are watched by well qualified ‛family‛ veterinarian and have negativ tests for: FiV, FeLV, Coronavirus, Mycoplasma Spp., Chlamidioses. We guarantee any advise support not limitted in time and provide with enough guarantee in respect of the health and breeders level status of each our kitten in written cattery agreement, BUT we make a great demands to the prospective owners we chose for our children. All of this are reflected in the "Cattery policy".

We deal with several colors: ebony, gavana, blue, lavender in solid and in tabbies patterns as well. But gavana - is our favorite color.

We shall be glad if the walk around our web site makes you such fanciers of oriental cats as we are.

  • December, 05, 2016
    We finaly updated our cattery's web site! The new breeding cats are represented on the pages "Kings" and "Queens".

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